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Yevgeniy Petrov. Badinerie, Joke. For TWO Bayans (Accordions) and Percussions (with the scores)

Language: Russian-English
Number of pages: 16 + SCOREs

Difficulty level: Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced

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Yevgeniy Petrov. Badinerie, Joke. For TWO Bayans (Accordions) and Percussions - Xylophone and Drums (with the scores)

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Badinerie (joke from French) is the title used for agile movements in some of the suites dating the 18th century. J. S. Bach called the Second Orchestral Suite's final this very way.

Bach could hardly believe the "Badinerie" would enjoy such great popularity, as to be heard on TV and radio mounting, from electronic devices, being called just "Bach's Joke" (The title of the “Terem-Quartet’s” composition (2000).

Though my "Badinerie" is not connected by any motives with the Bach's one, they are united by the same lot. Primarily my composition was the movement in the orchestral suite ("Symphonic Pictures", 1997). Later it was remade, getting its independence. Besides, both of them are congenial by tempo, character and motion. These particularities, so as the musical amazements, awaiting our listeners and executants, evoked my fantasy to call it "Badinerie".

Yevgeniy Petrov


Yevgeniy Petrov (born in 1973) originates from Severodvinsk. He graduated from the bayan class of M. P. Filippov and professor O. M. Sharov in 1996, from the composition class at professor Yu. A. Falik in 2001. His post-graduate studying was also guided by Yu. A. Falik.

The All-Russian Composers' Competition held in Moscow brought the title of laureate to him in 2001.

Among Petrov's compositions there are the symphony "Petersburg", orchestral suite "Symphonic Pictures", concert overture for two ringing guslis and symphony orchestra "Ancient City", musical-theatrical performance "Russian Proverbs", concerto for choir a cappella "Trinity Tropers", compositions for the Russian folk instruments orchestra, chamber and vocal music. Petrov is also a skillful arranger for bayan, accordion and other folk instruments.

Taking into consideration the performer's opinion, the composer enjoys great popularity at the professional musicians and just listeners.

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