Sheet music for Accordion / Bayan / Accordeon published
in Ukraine and Other Countries

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Concert Program of Accordionists. Volume 4
"Students of Gnessin State Musical College Playing". Complied by F.Lips

Language: Russian.
Number of pages: 57

Difficulty level: Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced


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A.Zhurbin. Suite

1. Prelude
2. Gavotte
3. Scherzo

A.Nagayev. Children Suite No. 1
(Suite No. 2 is here)

1. Awakening
2. March
3. Matryoshkas' Dance
4. Being Hurt
5. At the Feast

G.Shenderyov. Six Concert Etudes / Studies for Accordion (Bayan)
(complete set of 24 Concert Etudes by G.Shenderyov is here)

1. Etude in D flat Major
2. Etude in E flat Minor
3. Etude in F Minor
4. Etude in F sharp Major
5. Etude in A flat Major
6. Etude in F Major

Ye.Derbenko. Fantasy on a Russian folk song A Ya Po Lugu ("I'll Walk in the Meadow") Video of this piece bellow on page

Anton Rubinstein. Russian Dance and Trepak (*Russkaya i Trepak) - No.6 from "7 National Dances" Op.82.
Accordion transcription by F.Lips Video of this piece bellow on page

A.Na Yun Kin. "U Golubya Sizogo Zolotaya Golova" (A Dove has a Golden Head).
Arrangement of a Russian Folk Song for Accordion Video of this piece bellow on page

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Video demo: Yevgeny Derbenko. Fantasy on a Russian Folk Song "A Ya po Lugu" (I'll Walk in the Meadow).
Performed by Vasily Mashtakov, accordion (bayan)

Video demo: A.Rubinstein. Russian Dance and Trepak (*Russkaya i Trepak).
Performed by Vitaly Kozytsky, accordion (bayan)

Video demo: A.Na Yun Kin. "U Golubya Sizogo". Arrangement of a Russian folk song.
Performed by Arkady Shkvorov, accordion (bayan)

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