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Volodymyr Runchak. Kyrie Eleison. For Violin and Accordion ***

This piece is also available for Cello and Accordion version

Language: Ukrainian-English
Number of pages: 8

Difficulty level: Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced

Bass: FREE

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Volodymyr Runchak. Kyrie Eleison. For Violin and Accordion Video of this piece bellow on page

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Sheet music with compositions by Volodymyr Runchak for Accordion / Bayan / Accordeon / Akkordeon /
Fisarmonica / Harmonika / Harmonica / Trekkspill / Dragspel / Harmonikka / Bajan / Akordeon:

on B.A.C.H.
For Accordion.
At the Portrait
of Paganini.
For Accordion.
Volodymyr Runchak
Imitating Shostakovich.
For Accordion.
Volodymyr Runchak.
Yin and Yang.
the Harmony
of Opposites.
Diptych for Accordion
Volodymyr Runchak.
Vladislav Passion
Symphony for accordion
and orchestra
(Score with Parts)
Volodymyr Runchak.
Two Confessions
for Accordion
Volodymyr Runchak.
Music about Life,
an Attempt of
(quasi sonata No.2)
for Accordion
in Two Movements
Volodymyr Runchak.
Slob-rt, The Art;
To Each His Own
for TWO Accordions
Volodymyr Runchak
Kyrie Eleison.
For Violin
and Accordion
Volodymyr Runchak
Kyrie Eleison.
For Cello
Volodymyr Runchak
Hutsul Mosaic.
For Violin (Domra)
Score and
Violin Part
Volodymyr Runchak
Messa da Requiem
in seven
for Accordion
Volodymyr Runchak.
An Album for
Children and Youth
in eight parts
for accordion
"Children under
the age of 16
are allowed
to perform"
Volodymyr Runchak
1) Suite No. 2
2) Suite
"Accord Is ON -

Video demo: Volodymyr Runchak. Kyrie Eleison. For Violin and Accordion.
Performed by Polina Chayka, violin and Iryna Serotyuk, accordion (bayan)

Video demo: Volodymyr Runchak. Kyrie Eleison. For Violin and Accordion.
Performed by Yuliya Chemerys, violin and Volodymyr Haydychuk, accordion (bayan)

Video demo: Volodymyr Runchak. Kyrie Eleison. For Violin and Accordion.
Performed by Myroslava Kotorovich, violin and Roman Yusipey, accordion (bayan)

Volodymyr Runchak (12 June 1960) - Ukrainian composer and conductor, laureate of numerous international competitions of the composers. He has wide artistic interests: creation of music for symphony and chamber orchestras, small ensembles, soloists, chorus, conductors activity includes performing of modern Ukrainian and foreign composers pieces, organizational activity covers holding international and All-Ukrainian festivals and concerts "New Music in Ukraine". V. Runchaks pieces are successfully performed at various international festivals of modern music in Ukraine and abroad. V. Runcaks recitals are held in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Lutsk, New York, Munich, and Paris. His pieces are published by: 4'33'' - Germany, Agenda edizioni musicali ologna - Italy, Astra - Poland, New Consonant Music - Belgium, "Kyiv" Chamber Chorus Library, and recorded by: Aurophon, Stadt Witten - Germany, Sub Rosa - Belgium, Cambria the USA. V. Runchak is a propagandist of modern art of music. For three years he has been hosting the New Music in Ukraine broadcast on the National Radio Company of Ukraine Third "Culture" Channel. He initiated the performances of some orchestral and ensemble pieces of such composers-classics of the XX-th century as D. Shostakovich, E. Varese, L. Nono, K. Stockhausen, G. Ligeti, L. Berio. During his conducting practice V. Runchak premiered more than 400 world and Ukrainian contemporary music pieces. Being a conductor he performs with the "New Music in Ukraine" Chamber ensemble, founded by him in the 1988-1989-th season. The band together with the "Atlantic" Recording Company issued 10 discs with the pieces of modern composers. As a guest conductor performs with National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, National Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra, National Radio Broadcasting Company of Ukraine Honoured Symphony Orchestra, with symphony and chamber orchestras of Lviv, Odessa, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia, Luhansk, Rivne Philharmonics, with the music bands of Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Israel, France. In 2007/2008 and 2010/2011 seasons worked as the Head guest conductor of the Kara Karaev State Chamber Orchestra of Azerbaijan. V. Runchak - Artistic director of the International Festival of New Music "Kharkiv contemporary" and All-Ukrainian Music Festival "Ukrainian Day of the accordion".

"V. Runchak found his personal balance between the stylistic and technological limitations and the new freedom. In his works one can hear the courage of the authors expression which goes far beyond the limit of belonging to any composers school. Often, the avant-garde means are the only means for him." "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung"

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