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World of Dance. Volume 1.
Menuets. Gavottes. Contradances. Quadrilles. Transcriptions for Accordion or Bayan.
Repertoire for Children Music Schools

Language: Russian
Number of pages: 54

Difficulty level: Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced


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1. J.B. de Lully. Menuet

2. J.Haydn. Menuet

3. J.S.Bach. Menuet

4. L.Mozart. Menuet

5. J.Haydn. Menuet

6. S.Maykapar. Menuet

7. G.Sviridov. Old Dance. From the "Album for Children"

8. A.Lepin. Malvina. From the Suite "Adventures of Pinocchio"

9. R.Pauls. A Boy and a Cricket. From the cylcle "5 Small Fairy-Tales"

10. G.Gladkov. Duo of Princess and a Troubadour

11. G.F.Handel. Gavotte

12. G.Ph.Telemann. Gavotte

13. W.A.Mozart. Variations on a Theme from the Opera "The Magic Flute"

14. F.Gosse. Gavotte

15. A.Glazunov. Gavotte. From the Ballet "Lady Soubrette"

16. S.Prokofiev. Gavotte. From the Symphony No 1 "The Classic"

17. B.Livshits. Gavotte

18. D.Shostakovich. Gavotte

19. I.Tsvetkov. Cinderella

20. L.van Beethoven. Contradance in B Flat Major

21. L.van Beethoven. Contradance in C Major

22. Ecossaise. Old Dance

23. L.van Beethoven. Ecossaise

24. F.Schubert. Ecossaise

25. M.Titov. Contradance

26. I.Kozlovsky. Contradance

27. M.Glinka. Contradance

28. P.Tchaikovsky. Ecossaise. From the Opera "Evgeny Onegin"

29. P.Tchaikovsky. Grossvater. From the Ballet "The Nutcracker"

30. D.G.Türk. Children Quadrille

31. M.Glinka. French Quadrille. Second Part

32. A.Dargomyzhsky. Dance

33. A.Dargomyzhsky. Post-Coach. From Quadrille "The Post"

34. R.Shchedrin. Quadrille. From the Film "Height"

35. A.Pakhmutova. Merry Harmonica

36. B.Block. Moscow Quadrille

37. V.Temnov. Merry Quadrille

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Sheet music from the series World of Dance for Accordion / Bayan / Accordeon / Akkordeon /
Fisarmonica / Harmonika / Harmonica / Trekkspill / Dragspel / Harmonikka / Bajan / Akordeon:

World of Dance.
Volume 1
for Accordion
or Bayan
World of Dance.
Volume 2
for Accordion
or Bayan
World of Dance.
Volume 3
Polkas. Galops
for Accordion
or Bayan
World of Dance.
Volume 4
for Accordion
or Bayan
World of Dance.
Volume 5
for Accordion
or Bayan

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